The capacitive switches allow the key presses for the simple approach of the finger, without physically pressing.

They also allow placement after several materials, with unthinkable thicknesses in conventional switches.

As in the rest of the switches, the front panels can be screen printed both conventional and digital screen printing.

In addition to the materials used in other membrane switches: polyesters, polycarbonates… here we can also work directly on methacrylate.

It is possible to make relief keys or other items, Braille texts, transparent windows, transparent coloured areas, …

They may have the circuit board by screen printing on a sheet of polyester or printed circuit can be used with the possibility of adding SMD components and screws.

We can also place fixing adhesives in the back (or front) side, of various thicknesses.

Can be delivered on a support fiberglass, plastic, …

We work with high quality materials. You can check their characteristics: